Your Business Needs a Solid Social Media. Here Are 5 Reasons Why

There are over 4.2 billion active social media users in the world. Hence, social media is more than just a business trend. It is a necessity for businesses hoping to grow into their potential. While social media is not all you need

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Many businesses are often torn between outsourcing specific parts of their business or building a team for that aspect. The marketing employee vs marketing agency debate often comes up when companies

Why Your Business Should Use Print Media

Magazines, newspapers, handbills and several other forms of printed marketing items are tactual ones that can be felt or held. In other words, it is concrete. This supports the fact that they can hence, be kept at homes, offices,

7 Key Benefits of Video Marketing

From short product demo videos to video testimonials and animations, video marketing is able to greatly influence the brand visibility and sales of small businesses. Video marketing involves using videos to promote

6 Secret Advantages of Working with a Digital Agency

During an interview with Bruce Rogers of Forbes, Michael Gale declared that 84% of companies fail at digital transformation, yours inclusive.